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Now on all customers can;

Apply for the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment;
Apply for Enhanced Illness Benefit for Covid-19 including for self-isolation cases;
Apply for a jobseeker’s payment; and
Request to close their Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

All that is required is for the individual to have an email address, a bank account and a PPSN.

Simply go onto the Covid-19 Services section of the website and apply for the payment

This is by far the quickest way for payments to be processed rather than paper copies

Employee – Pandemic Unemployment Payment

Self-employed – Pandemic Unemployment Payment

Employees are cut to a 3-day week – Short Term Work Support

Employee/self-employed is certified to self-isolate – Pandemic Illness Benefit

Employee/self-employed is diagnosed with Covid-19 – Pandemic Illness Benefit

Wage Subsidy Scheme